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Windy Ridge Ultrasound

  cattle ultrasound services, feedlot management software, ultrasound services feedlot, seedstock, purebred cattle  
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We are Canada's leading expert in beef cattle Ultrasound services.

Ultrasound is the most widely used, proven and cost effective carcass evaluation tool for cattle. Windy Ridge Ultrasound has been serving Canada with top quality cattle ultrasound services since 1994. Under strict guidelines, ultrasound has been developed and proven accurate in its ability to evaluate carcasses of live animals to aid producers in selecting desirable traits for breeding and assist feedlots in sorting cattle into profitable groups for slaughter.

The cattle industry has evolved to where greater emphasis is being placed on marketing beef cattle based on carcass merit. An increased number of packing plants are adopting value-based marketing (VBM). These changes have led to an increased interest in precision marketing of individual animals. This rewards both cow/calf producers for their superior genetics and feedlots for their quality management.

This increased interest in VBM has forced livestock producers to consider the quality of their cattle when making marketing decisions. Ultrasound has been proven to be the most accurate and reliable method in determining cattle carcass quality. Although genetics are a key determinant of an animals carcass potential, only ultrasound can evaluate the effect that environmental factors have played on an animals genetic makeup.

John Brethour of Kansas State University, our trainer and mentor, has left behind a legacy and example of the possibilities of carcass ultrasound. Using ultrasound, he developed a cow herd whose progeny brought in $100,000 at the Best of the Breed Angus Challenge. His championship entry of 80 head graded 100% Choice, 91% Certified Angus Beef or better, and 32% Prime with not one overfat (YG4) carcass. He contributed his success to relying heavily on EPD's and ultrasound.

Windy Ridge Ultrasound currently provides both seedstock and feedlot ultrasound services to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Seedstock / Purebred ultrasound is performed in accordance with Ultrasound Guidelines Council (UGC) certified field technicians and analyzed by Centralized Ultrasound Processing (CUP) labs.

Feedlot ultrasound utilizes Cattle Performance Enhancement Company's (CPEC) management software developed by John Brethour at Kansas State University.

In addition to ultrasound services, Windy Ridge Ultrasound is Canada's first and foremost dealer in SILENCER hydraulic cattle squeeze chutes.

Windy Ridge Ultrasound Inc. is committed in providing all customers with the best quality service available and assistance in their livestock marketing and breeding decisions.

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