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Windy Ridge Ultrasound, Canada's first full service cattle ultrasound company, was founded in 1994 by Rod Wendorff. After receiving his training from John Brethour at Kansas State University, Rod started ultrasounding feedlot beef cattle throughout Western Canada. Following further training at the University of Saskatchewan, he became certified to ultrasound and analyze seedstock cattle carcasses. He as since been certified through BIF, AUP, and UGC.

With greater demand for ultrasound services, Windy Ridge Ultrasound has expanded to include two more certified technicians. Windy Ridge Ultrasound currently offers ultrasound services from British Columbia to Ontario. Windy Ridge Ultrasound also breeds black angus and charolais cattle. We are also the first and foremost Canadian dealer in SILENCER hydraulic cattle squeeze chutes.

Doug Ralph started with Windy Ridge Ultrasound in 2000. He is in his 13th year of UGC certification. Doug brings with him a long history of working in the cattle industry.




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